Wagner Rapid Rh 4.0 Smart Sensor

Wagner Middle East (WMER) distributed its latest development, the new smart sensor. The new sensor joins its popular affordable scanning technology with an easy-to-use smartphone app.

What is Wagner Rapid RH4?

The Wagner Rapid RH4 smart sensor is a handheld device that monitors the room’s RH (relative humidity) levels and notifies the user when the levels reach an optimal range. The device has two separate channels that measure humidity levels in the incoming and outgoing air, and offers users real-time readings as well as historical data.

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The Wagner Rapid Rh 4.0 smart sensor is a machine that measures wastewater flow rates and provides real-time data to help operators optimize their treatment processes. This smart sensor has many features that make it an excellent choice for wastewater treatment plants.


The Wagner Rapid RH 4.0 smart sensor is a new, innovative product that helps improve accuracy and quality of meat production. The Rapid RH 4.0 smart sensor uses sensor technology to continuously monitor the temperature of your animal’s carcass, providing feedback that helps improve your production yield.

Frequences used by sensors

Rapid Rh 4.0 Smart sensor uses 35 frequencies to communicate with the control unit. These frequencies can be divided into two groups; general frequency range andrhythm frequency range. General Frequency Range: -between 400Hz to 3kHz -used for communicating with the control unit -less strenuous on the sensors, so it is good for continuous monitoring

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Rhythm Frequency Range: -between 20Hz and 400Hz -used for precise communication with the control unit

How the Product can Benefit you

If you’re looking for a new way to keep your home clean and organized, the Wagner Rapid RH 4.0 Smart Sensor may be the perfect solution for you! This product is designed to help you track the levels of humidity in your home, and it can also alert you when the level of humidity reaches a certain threshold. By using this information, you can either adjust your lifestyle or purchase the proper equipment to maintain a more consistent level of humidity. Additionally, this product can help monitor other environmental factors in your home, such as CO2 levels and temperature. By combining all of this data into one system, you can take control of your environment and improve your quality of life.


The Wagner Rapid RH 4.0 smart sensor is a great addition to any poultry producer’s tool belt. The device provides accurate readings of both humidity and temperature, making it an essential piece of equipment in any successfully kept poultry flock. Whether you are raising ducklings, ducks, chickens, quail or geese, the Wagner Rapid RH 4.0 smart sensor will make your life easier.