Vpl Projector V34k Smart Tv

In a world where technology tends to advance faster than individuals are able to digest it, the TV has changed in ways not many could see coming. Considering that households across the United States spend a total of $40 billion on average each year on TV, then the vast amount of content streaming into American living rooms begs questions around our effectiveness as consumers. The current reality is illuminating: family sits down to watch Monday Night Football, then week after week they switch their channel to find something new and more enticing. Noone would say that watching live sports isn’t an enjoyable experience; however, as society gets busier and busier with everything from work commitments for parents (some might even call it “workaholism”) to Netflix binges and video games, people struggle to find time for other pursuits

What is a VPL

A VPL is a type of projector that retrieves video content from a computer and displays it on a large screen, oftentimes in a more cinematic way than traditional projectors.

Where can I buy it

The VPL-34K is available directly from VPL and some authorized retailers.

Benefits of Smart TV

Smart TVs are becoming more and more popular, not just because they offer quality entertainment, but also because they offer a variety of features that make life easier. Among these features are the ability to access streaming content and other applications, as well as the ability to control your home entertainment system using voice commands. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of smart TVs.

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One of the benefits of smart TVs is that they offer a variety of streaming content options. This means that you can access a wide range of online content, including movies and TV shows, without having to search for different streaming platforms. Additionally, many smart TVs have apps that provide additional entertainment options, such as games and social media platforms. For example, you can use apps on your smart TV to watch your favorite shows or movies without ever having to leave your cozy living room! Another benefit of smart TVs is their ability to control your home entertainment system using voice commands. This means that you no longer have to fumble through complicated menus in order to find what you’re looking for. Instead, you can simply say something like “turn on the TV” or “queue up Netflix” and wait for your

Disadvantages of Smart TV

Smart TVs are great for watching your favorite shows, but they have their drawbacks. One major problem is that they can be quite laggy and slow, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to watch something important. Additionally, they’re often not as durable as traditional TVs, so you might end up needing to replace them sooner than you’d want to.


When it comes to high-def mirroring, the VPL-VW34K Smart TV is hard to beat. Offering a 3,840×2,160 resolution and 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus decoding, this TV is perfect for home theater lovers and movie buffs. Another great feature of the VPL-VW34K is that it can connect to your home Wi-Fi network to stream content from apps like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu. Whether you’re watching a show from your past or planning a night out with friends, the VPL-VW34K makes every show look and sound fantastic.

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