Vizio Smart Tv Remote Xrt140 Manual

So you just bought a brand new smart tv and what a rush that must have been, but then the question you’re probably wondering is will it come with a remote? Well, I’ve got great news for you: it has one! What’s better than being able to stroll into the living room and start streaming in no time without having to find one lying around by your feet? But if you’re not satisfied with the remote that came standard on your vizio fresh out of the box, fear not – this article will point you in the right direction.

What is the Remote?

The Vizio Smart TV Remote is a small, rectangular device that controls your Vizio Smart TV. It has a numeric keypad on one side and four buttons on the other. The buttons are: Menu, Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power. The remote also has a microphone so you can voice control your TV.

Types of Remotes

********************* There are generally two types of remotes for Vizio TVs: the universal remote and the Vizio TV remote. The universal remote is the type that works on most brands of TVs, and the Vizio TV remote is specific to Vizio TVs. If you have a Vizio TV, you should use the Vizio TV remote. If you have a different brand of TV, or if you just want to use the universal remote, you can use the following instructions to get started.

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To use the universal remote with your Vizio TV: 1. Point your remote at your TV. 2. Press and hold the POWER button until the red light on the back of the remote starts blinking. 3. Keep holding the power button until the red light stays lit. 4. Release the power button and point the remote at any input on your TV (usually HDMI 1 or 2). 5. Press and hold the transmision button until the blue light on the back of the remote starts blinking. 6. Keep holding the transmission button until the blue light stays lit. 7. Press each button on the remote until it correspond to

Tricks to using your Remote

In case you’re having trouble using your Vizio Smart TV’s Remote, try these tricks: ********** 1. Make sure you’re using the correct TV code. ********** 2. If you’ve forgotten your TV code, press the following buttons on the Remote to reset it to factory defaults: On the front of the TV, beneath the power cord socket: *********************TV Code: 69410 On the back of the TV below the screen: *********************TV Code: 45430 3. If you’re having trouble watching Netflix, try changing your VPN setting or restarting your router.

Safety Precautions in Use and Care of Your Remote

When using your Vizio Smart TV remote, please be aware of the following safety precautions: 1. Before using theremote, ensure that your TV is turned off and all cables are disconnected. 2. Do not use theremote while watching TV or while standing in front of the TV. 3. Keep the remote out of reach of children. If it is lost or broken, replace it with a new one.

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