Vizio Smart Tv How To Use

This blog post will leave you how to how use vizio smart tv in just three easy steps.

What is a Vizio Smart TV?

A Vizio Smart TV is an all-in-one entertainment system that lets you access your favorite content from the internet, apps and games. Whether you’re looking for information on how to use the features of your Vizio Smart TV or just want to learn more about Vizio TVs in general, we have you covered! Check out our blog for helpful tips on navigating your Vizio Smart TV, finding your favorite content and more!

How to Set Up Your Vizio

To get started with your new Vizio TV, first make sure you have the right cables and an HDMI port available. Here are the basic steps to set up your new Vizio Smart TV: 1. Connect your HDMI cable to the back of your TV and your other device, such as a laptop or Xbox 360. 2. Navigate to your TV’s main settings menu and select “HDMIConnection.” Under “Display,” make sure “Auto Detect” is enabled. If it isn’t, hit the “Detect” button and wait for your TV to find your device. 3. Hit the “OK” button on your remote to return to the main screen. At the top of the screen, hit the blue button that says “Source.” In the pop-up box that appears, hit the triangle next to ” signal.” A series of numbers will appear in this box- these are your cable channel numbers – so be sure to write them down! To close out of this menu, hit the OK button on your remote again. 4. Now it’s time to configure your channels! Select one of the programs (usually ESPN) by hitting the left arrow key on your remote and

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Establishing Internet Connectivity

When you first set up your Vizio Smart TV, you may have been prompted to connect to the Internet. This is so you can access your TV’s features and apps from a web browser on a computer or mobile device. You can also use the TV’s built-in search function to find content and programs. To connect your Vizio Smart TV to the Internet: 1. If you’re using a wired connection, ensure that the TV is plugged into an outlet and connected to your home network. 2. Go to and sign in. 3. On the homepage, click Settings (gear icon in the top right corner). 4. Under Network & Connection, select Connect To Internet (or another network). 5. Type in your Vizio Smart TV’s IP address or DNS name, and then select OK. 6. If there are any problems connecting to the internet, be sure to check your TV’s user manual for more information or contact customer service for assistance.

Operating Siri and Google Actions on Your Smart TV

Like many users of Vizio TVs, you may be wondering how to use Siri and Google Actions on your TV. If you have a Vizio TV with Voice Remote and a Google Home or Invoke speaker, following these steps will allow you to take advantage of the capabilities of both devices. To use Siri on your Vizio TV: 1. On the Vizio Voice Remote, press and hold down the Power button until the TV turns off. 2. Press and hold down the Home button on the Vizio Voice Remote until the Google Home device starts flashing blue. 3. Speak “Siri” into the Google Home device and release both buttons. The voice control screen for Siri should appear on your TV. 4. Use the cursor buttons on the Vizio Voice Remote to select commands from the list onscreen, or ask questions by speaking into the Google Home device. 5. To exit Siri, say “thank you” into the Google Home device, and then press the Back button on the Vizio Voice Remote to return to normal viewing mode. To use Google Actions on your Vizio TV: 1. On the Vizio Voice Remote

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Entertainment Apps

The Vizio SmartCast platform includes an app store with a variety of apps that can be used to enhance your entertainment experience. Here we’ll take a look at some of the best Vizio SmartCast apps for streaming content and enjoying your TV shows, movies and games.

Cross Platform Interactivity

If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to find a way to interact with your Vizio smart TV, you’re not alone.Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get around the lack of a decent TV interface, no matter what brand your set is from. Here are a few tips for using Vizio TVs from an external source: First and foremost, make sure that your Vizio TV has the appropriate streaming capabilities. While some sets do come with built-in Android or Apple apps, many others rely on third-party software that may be harder to access. If you’re using a streaming device like a Roku or Amazon Fire TV, you’ll need to plug it in and associate it with your Vizio. Once your devices are connected, they can be used as remote controls for the TV. Iceland’s National Broadcasting Service provided us with this great tip: You can use your phone’s voice recognition features to control your Vizio TV via Google Home (or any other compatible voice assistant). Just start by saying “Hey Google, turn on my Vizio” or “Hey Alexa, turn on my Vizio.” You’ll then be prompted to enter your user name and password – both of which should be setup


Vizio is one of the leading TV manufacturers in the world and they make some of the best TVs on the market. Vizio TVs are intuitive to use and offer many features that other televisions don’t. In this article, we will teach you how to use your vizio Smart TV to its fullest potential. We will also provide a link to a helpful video that can show you more about using your vizio Smart TV. So what are you waiting for? Start watching your favorite shows without having to worry about cords or remotes!

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