Smart Water Tank Level Sensor

Find out which are the best smart water tank level sensors in 2019, ideal for anyone who just wants their water to stay at a certain level automatically. Chances are you want something that works without any manual intervention

Home solution for using a water sensor

If you have a smart water tank, you can use a water sensor to monitor its level and keep it topped up. There are a few different types of sensors, but the cheapest and simplest is a float-type sensor. When the tank reaches the desired level, the sensor sends a signal to your home’s control unit, telling it to fill the tank again. The downside of this method is that you have to remember to check the water level each day. However, if you have an automated system that water uses regularly (such as in a domestic setting), then this method should work well for you.

What you’ll need

– An ” Arduino ” board – A water tank – Wire – A level sensor – Some code The Arduino “board” will allow you to control the level of the water tank. The code will send commands to the Arduino to change the water level in the tank, based on a detected level.

How to use the senso

The senso is a smart water tank level sensor that makes it easy to keep your water tank at the right level. The sensor attaches to the side of your water tank and sends real-time data to your smartphone or computer, so you know when your water is getting low. Plus, the senso is small and easy to install, so you can keep battles with water spilled on the floor to a minimum!

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