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-Smart TV Feature Overview -How the Smart TV Technology Works -What are Best Features? -Should I buy a smart TV or a regular one? -Diseases and Risks of Regular TVs vs. Smart to Buy

Smart TV Feature Overview: The smart TV technology is a system that allows users to access digital information and entertainment through streaming services, apps, and devices. The smart TV technology was first introduced in 2007 and has evolved over time. Currently, there are many different types of smart TVs available on the market. Each type of smart TV has its own set of features and benefits. Smart TVs can be divided into three categories: regular TVs, 4K TVs, and immersive smart TVs. Regular TVs are the most common type of TV. They typically have a traditional size screen and no special features. In contrast, 4K TVs are high-resolution TVs with a resolution of 4096x 2160 pixels. Immersive smart TVs allow users to interact with the TV using voice commands or hand gestures. They are also known as AI (artificial intelligence) TVs because they have some of the intelligence of a computer or robot. Finally, smart TVs can be divided into two types: Android TV and Apple TV. Android TV is designed for Android devices, while Apple TV is designed for Apple devices. Both platforms have special features for Smart TVs. What are Best Features? There are many different features available on smart TVs. Some of the

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