Smart Tennis Sensor

Smart tennis sensor is used to track player movement and performance. Tennis is a sport with many challenging physical moves, but the technology behind smart tennis was recognized for its ability to monitor muscle senses and recognize player mistakes.


The smart tennis sensor is a small device that attaches to tennis shoes and measures the player’s movement. It then sends this data to a companion app, which can give players detailed information about their swing, including how gracefully they hit the ball and how much power they are using.

Why We Use This Smart Tennis Sensor

We use the Weber Smart Tennis Sensor to improve the accuracy of our tracking and performance during live matches.Use this sensor in place of a traditionally used tennis ball sensor to improve your game by providing feedback to your coach on foot contact points, court velocity, and other key stats.

What is a Sensor?

A Sensor is a small, low-cost device that measures physical properties like temperature, pressure, or movement. They are widely used in industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare. In the industrial world, sensors are responsible for automating processes and improving efficiency. While tennis isn’t necessarily a high-tech industry, this sensor has the potential to change the sport for the better. A sensor could help improve player feedback and instruction bytracking RF signals from a player’s racquet. The data collected could then be used to generate improved coaching or training software. Indeed, some universities have already started using RF sensor technology for sports analytics!

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Why is it beneficial to use the sensor on a tennis court?

One of the main benefits of using a tennis sensor is that it can help coaches and players to improve their game by providing real-time feedback. This information can be used to optimize and train the player’s skills, which ultimately results in a better performance. Additionally, the sensor can also give coaches a better understanding of how well their players are playing relative to each other.

How Does the Sensor Work?

The smart tennis sensor is a ball-tracking device that helps tennis players improve their game. The sensor attaches to the tennis ball and tracks its movement throughout the game. It provides real-time data on the location and speed of the ball, which can help players improve their court positioning and stroke timing.

Installation of the Analog Sensor and Circuit

Analog sensors are used to measure the speed, angle, and force of a tennis ball. This information is then used to calculate the player’s shot accuracy. There are a number of analog sensors available on the market, but we recommend the Analog Devices ADXL362 Ultra-Low-Voltage Active LineSensor . The ADXL362 uses an I2C bus to communicate with its host device, so it is easy to install. Simply connect it to your host microcontroller using a 10-pin connector androgramming software. We also provide a simple CircuitPython library that you can use to read the sensor data.


On the surface, a smart tennis sensor seems like it could be a great way to improve your game. After all, if you can track how much power you’re putting into each shot and compare that against the power of your opponent’s shots, shouldn’t you be able to improve quickly? Unfortunately, there are some major pitfalls with this technology that should keep you from investing in one. first of all, most smart tennis sensors are very sensitive and will give away your every move on the court. This could ruin any chance of playing competitively undercover. Secondly, these sensors often require a lot of calibration in order to work properly. If you’re not consistent with using them or if your opponent manages to eliminate them from the court altogether, they’ll become largely irrelevant for overall improvement. So unless you have an extremely close competitive match scheduled where accuracy is key (or you’re prepared to spend a lot of money on a faulty product), we wouldn’t recommend investing in a smart tennis sensor just yet.

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