Shark Ai Robot Vacuum With Xl Hepa Self-empty Base

In your house, you have three different floors: the bottom floor, where all the linens are; the middle floor, where there is your great room; and the top floor. You may have blankets, or pillows on furnishings, which can easily be covered by this motorized sweeper to keep that house tidy even on a hectic day.


The shark ai robot vacuum with xl hepa self-empty base is the perfect addition to any home! With its hepa filter and large, self-empty base, this robot vac can help clean up quickly and easily. Plus, its intuitive touch screen ensures easy use, even for those with less experience.

Pros and Cons

The SharkAI Robotic Vacuum comes with a self-empty base that makes it incredibly easy to clean. The vacuum also features 360-degree cleaning paths and a bevy of sensors that help it navigate around your floors. However, the vacuum does have some drawbacks. For one, it’s not the best at picking up large debris, so you may need to pile heavier objects on the cleaner in order to get them cleaned. Additionally, the vacuum is fairly expensive, and its battery life isn’t particularly long.


Shark has come out with a new robotic vacuum cleaner that is designed with efficient HEPA filtration and an XL self-empty base. This vacuum is great for homes with pets or allergies, as it is able to get deep down into the carpets and dirt. Additionally, this vacuum comes with an Automatic Mop function, so you can easily clean up spills or mopping up water on the floor.

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