Replacement Sensor For Smart Sock 2

When one uses a Fitbit or Google smart sock 2 these days, they must be prepared to deal with the removal of an unpleasant electrostatic noise. Every time the wearer takes the socks off, a high-pitched “beep” is emitted which is most often highly irritating. If you don’t want your partner to rush out of the house in frustration, then you might want to consider getting this replacement for them – customizable for various body parts and available for purchase now on amazon.

What is SmartSock?

What is a replacement sensor for smart sock 2? How to replace the sensor on a smart sock 2? What are the benefits of having a replacement sensor for smart sock 2? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Replacement Sensor for SmartSock

The SmartSock 2 is a wireless activity and sleep tracker. The smart sock communicates with an app on your phone to track your activity and sleep habits. Unfortunately, the original sensor worn in the sock sometimes fails. If this happens, you can replace the sensor with a new one. Here are instructions for replacing the sensor: 1) Open the SmartSock 2 strap by pulling it away from the body of the sock. 2) Place your hand inside the sock and locate the sensor next to your big toe (it looks like a small bump). 3) Pry off the old sensor with a jeweler’s screwdriver or a small knife. If the adhesive has dried out, you may need to heat up the glue with a hair dryer before removing it. Once the old sensor is removed, use a popsicle stick or a drinking straw to clean off any residual adhesive.

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4) Replace the old sensor with a new one by pressing it firmly against the big toe location on the bottom of the sock and holding it in place for about 30 seconds until it sets. Make sure that there is enough adhesive left on the popsicle stick or straw to secure the new sensor

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