Pair Bluetooth Speaker To Samsung Smart Tv

This blog article is about the Bluetooth speaker and Samsung Smart TV. It compares (a) traditional speaker: use of wires, difficulty to control volume levels, dust build-up and risk of broken items; with (b) wireless headphones: rolling your eyes at the battery life guzzling charm. Furthermore, this blog article discusses how wireless speakers can be used for “listening on the go” in the quest to replace your TV.

Setup Wireless Music Streaming Options

If you want to use your Bluetooth speaker with your Samsung Smart TV, there are a few things you need to do first. 1. Enable Bluetooth on your TV. 2. Connect your Bluetooth speaker to the TV. 3. In your Bluetooth speaker, go to Menu and find “TV Sound.” 4. Change the output to “Samsung SMART TV.” 5. Change the input to HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 on your TV. 6. Play some music!

Connect Bluetooth to TV

Bluetooth allows you to easily connect your Bluetooth speaker to your Samsung Smart TV. Simply follow these steps: 1) Turn on your Bluetooth speaker. 2) Press the ‘Home’ button on your Samsung Smart TV. 3) Select ‘Bluetooth’. 4) Enter the name of the Bluetooth speaker. If you have multiple Bluetooth speakers, enter the name of the one you are connecting to your Smart TV. 5) Select ‘Discoverable devices’. 6) Select the Bluetooth speaker from the list. 7) press ‘Connect’. The two devices will now connect and play music together.

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Connect AirPlay

If you want to use a Bluetooth speaker with your Samsung Smart TV, there are a few things you need to know. First, make sure your Bluetooth speaker is compatible with Samsung Smart TVs. Second,pair your Bluetooth speaker to the TV using the Samsung Smart Hub. After that, use AirPlay to wirelessly transfer audio from the Bluetooth speaker to the TV.


When it comes to streaming multimedia content, there’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned audio/visual hookup. But what if you don’t have a TV? Or maybe yours is just too big or clunky to sit comfortably in one place? You can still enjoy your favorite shows and movies by pairing your Bluetooth speaker with your Samsung smart TV. Just follow these simple steps: 1) Make sure both your devices are on the same network and connected to each other. 2) On your Samsung smart TV, find the “Settings” menu and select “Bluetooth & Airplay。 3) Under “Devices,” selects the Bluetooth speaker you want to connect to your TV. 4) On the speaker, press the button dedicated to Audio from Video (TV). 5) Select “Samsung Smart TVs” from the list of devices that appears and click OK. 6) Your movie or show will start playing