Owlet Smart Sock 2 Sensor Replacement

Many choose to prevent against falls by using a wearable to track a person’s movement, which can especially be helpful for people who are forgetful or have Alzheimer’s. In this article, it is covered how wearable technology is growing in the medical market due to their beneficial features and ease, while still keeping things simple and convenient.

What is the Owlet FTRx Sensor?

The Owlet FTRx Sensor is a wireless sensor used to monitor the oxygen level in your baby’s home. When your baby’s oxygen levels drop below a certain threshold, the Owlet FTRx sends an alert to your smartphone. The sensor can be replaced if it becomes damaged or loses its connectivity.

Switch it out with your old Bluetooth for new Bluetooth

1. Firstly, if your owlet smart sock 2 is still under warranty, you should visit the official website of OWLET to get a replacement. If your owlet smart sock 2 isn’t under warranty and you don’t have another owlet sock, you can try to find a compatible Bluetooth device online. There are many different Bluetooth devices on the market now; so finding one that will work with your owlet will be difficult. However, we found a few devices that are known to work with the owlet smart sock 2. We recommend trying these three devices: The JPX-S2 Bluetooth Speaker by JBL, the qNEO Q5 Smartwatch from Samsung, and the Yiwaneco EcoSmart Watch. If none of these options work for you, then you will need to find a compatible Bluetooth device that is available in retail stores or online.

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How to Wrap your New Owlet Sensor Blog Outline

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