Owlet Smart Sock Sensor

From the company behind the popular baby monitor I Can See, this sock sensor will notify you if your child’s socks are wet, which could mean that they’ve started to have an accident and need you.

Owlet Smart Sock: A Smart Sensor for Your Grandchild

Introducing the Owlet Smart Sock – a wearable sensor that will keep tabs on your grandchild’s health and well-being! Equipped with sensors and a cloud-based interface, the Owlet Smart Sock will let you view live streaming footage of your grandchild’s activity and health data. In addition to monitoring your grandchild’s sleep patterns and vital signs, the Owlet Smart Sock can also notify you in case of an emergency or change in health status. The Owlet Smart Sock is available now for purchase at www.owlettech.com.

The Benefits of a Qualitative Product

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OTher Parenting Apps

There are many parenting apps out there that can help with raising your children. One app that is catching a lot of attention lately is Owlet Smart Sock Sensor. This app has been designed to keep track of your child’s sleep habits and activity levels. It also sends alerts when there is a change in sleep or activity levels. This can be helpful if you are trying to get your child to bed on time, or limit their screen time. It can also help if you need to know if your child is awake during the night. The Owlet Smart Sock Sensor costs $99 and is available for Apple and Android devices.


If you’re looking for a way to track your activity and sleep, the Owlet Smart Sock is a great option. It can track your heart rate and movement throughout the night, providing feedback about how well you’re sleeping. The app also offers personalization features so that you cantrack your progress over time.