Merkury Smart Wifi Door/window Sensor

Sometimes it’s just easier to not have to worry about checking your door. When the merkury smart wifi door/window sensor is plugged in and set up, you could come home one day and find that your entire door had vanished! But this won’t be something new for you actually, because the merkury smart wifi front door/door window sensor can be the solution for many of the biggest problems in a household.

what is this product?

This is a merkury smart wifi door/window sensor, which can be used to detect when someone is inside or outside of a room. It can also be used to control the temperature and air conditioner settings inside of a room.

how does it work?

Merkury Smart WiFi Door/Window Sensor is a wireless device that you can use to automatically open or close your door or window based on whether you’re home or away. The sensor communicates with Merkury’s app, which you can download for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. To use the Merkury Smart WiFi Door/Window Sensor, simply place it near the door or window you want to activate and position it so that it’s facing the inside of your home (away from direct sunlight). Next, open the Merkury app and tap on the “setup” button. On the next screen, select your house and tap on “trigger mode.” Now select your desired trigger condition (home or away) and enter yourpassword. If you’re using an iPhone, you can also choose to turn on “audio alerts” so that you’ll be notified when the sensor is triggered. Finally, activatethe sensor by tapping on “activate.” If you’re using a Android device, just open the Merkyur app at any time and press on “activate” in the top right corner of the screen. The sensor will automatically turn on and start tracking your movement.

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pros of the product

Merkury Smart WiFi Door/Window Sensor is a great product because it can be controlled from anywhere in the world. It also has a weatherproof build and its battery lasts for months with minimal use. Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a wifi enabled door or window sensor!

cons of the product

Merkury Smart WiFi Door/Window Sensor is a product that was designed to make your life easier. The problem is that it has some cons that you need to be aware of before making the purchase. Here are some of those considerations: -The first issue with this product is that it doesn’t work with Amazon Echo or any other Alexa enabled device. This means that you can’t just press a button on your phone and have the sensor operational. You also need to install the accompanying app on your phone in order to control the sensor. This isn’t a huge deal, but it would have been nice if Merkury had included this compatibility feature in the product itself. -Another possible con is that the sensor can be easily bypassed by simply putting something over the camera lens. This means that someone could see what’s happening in front of your door or window without needing to use the app or sensors. -Lastly, there is no way to schedule this sensor for when it will activate, which can be helpful if you’re busy and don’t want to always be worrying about whether or not something is going on outside your door or window.

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Merkury’s Smart WiFi Door/Window Sensor is a fantastic product that offers convenience and peace of mind to those who live in apartments or homes with multiple doors and windows. The sensor is extremely simple to set-up, requiring only a few minutes of your time. Once installed, it will continuously monitor the status of your doors and windows, alerting you if they are opened or closed while you’re not home. In addition to providing peace of mind, this sensor also conserves energy by allowing you to turn off your lights when you’re not home. Overall, the Merkury Smart WiFi Door/Window Sensor is an excellent product that should be on every homeowner’s radar.