Luces Led Para Smart Tv Lg

Get your TVs ready for entertainment with these cool leds.

What are Reflected light?

Reflected light is a type of light that is reflected off an object. This can be the light from the sun, moon, or stars. The light is then scattered in many directions and can be seen by people.

Problemas con las luces directas

Haced una compra de un smart TV LG a través de internet y todo ha ido perfectamente hasta que llegó el momento de poner las luces led. La maquina no señalaba en absoluto el cable promo que incluíamos junto con nuestro producto y los técnicos de Philips no pudieron darme la solución definitiva. Es evidente que el cable no está correctamente conectado o tal vez la luz LED delante del televisor es demasiado brillante. Puedo confirmar que nosotros estuvimos usando las mismas luces led para un Samsung que tenemos encima de la mesa y con las que funcionó perfectamente. Sin embargo, el LG solo señalaba el cable promo como causante de nuestros problemas. Creo que es mejor cambiar totalmente las luces led, a menos que hayamos realizado algun tipo deRepuestos LG en Madrid en lo relativo


– LG Smart TVs come with a built-in speaker that produces clear and crisp sounds, no matter where you put it. In addition, the TV can pair with other Bluetooth-enabled devices to enhance its sound output, including your smartphones and tablets. – Use of smart apps to control your picture and sound are now more intuitive than ever before through the use of voice commands or touch gestures. Simply say “Hi” to the TV and start controlling your viewing experience with just a few simple words. – With the inclusion of an Ultra HD Blu-ray player and 4K Ultra HD resolution support, LG Smart TVs are perfect for entertainment seekers who want the best quality visuals possible. So sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite shows and movies in stunning detail!

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