Lg Smart Tv Lh570a Screen Share

lg tvs provide nearly every type of technology right where you are! Whether you’re often hooked up to your laptop, chatting on the phone, or browsing online, the LG Smart TV has everything you need to get a great long-distance experience. With the wide variety of motion sensing and voice commands in LG televisions, it’s easy to stay entertained or informed all day long. This article explains what a lot of people don’t know about how LG Smart TVs work with screensharing.

How to use a smartphone as a remote control for your LG Smart TV

If you have an LG Smart TV, you can use your smartphone as a remote control. Just follow these steps: 1.Open your LG Smart TV’s menu and navigate to Services > Screen Share. 2.Select the option that corresponds to your phone type (smartphone, tablet, or gaming console). 3.Select the screen share session that you want to use. 4.Select the device you want to use as your remote control from the list of available devices. 5.Enter the code provided by your phone’s manufacturer on the TV screen. 6.Press OK on the TV screen to begin using your phone as a remote control.

Features of this LG Smart TV Remote Control

There are number of features that come with LG’s Smart TV remote control. Panasonic’s remote control is also good with a few features on it but not as many as the LG one. Our favorite feature on the LG Smart TV remote is screen share. Screen share functions allow you to use your smartphone or tablet to mirror what is on the screen of your LG Smart TV. This can be extremely helpful when you want to watch a movie or show on your large screen while sitting in a comfortable chair instead of standing up.

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What Other Smart TVs Support Remote Controllers?

A few LG smart TVs, including the LG LH570A, support remote controllers. This means that you can use the TV’s remote to control inputs on other devices in your home. This is great for things like changing the channel on your cable box or adjusting the volume on your sound system.