Kitchen Smart Tables

It is time to set down the spoon and fork, because we’re not doing any more cooking. Thanks to the new applications of Artificial Intelligence, cooking tables are taking over our kitchens!

-How to choose a knife -What knives to have in the kitchen -Where to store kitchen tools -What tools to have on hand and what they do -Different types of knives you should consider -What other tool sets can also be beneficial Tips for using your home decorations as cooking aids Chef’s secrets for perfect baking

How to Choose a Knife Choosing the right type of knife for your kitchen is important. You’ll need a chef’s knife, paring knife,Dutch oven knife, sharpening steel and cutting board. Here are some things to consider when choosing a knife: Your dietary needs. What is your cuisine? Are you going to primarily use the knife for vegetables, fruits or meats? Your preferred grip. Do you prefer an overhand or underhand grip? The blade shape. There are many blade shapes to choose from, including Santoku knives, Japanese sushi knives and French chefs knives. How to store your knives: -Knives should be stored in a wooden block or in a magnetic strip holder -If you have several knives that are of different sizes, put them into individual holders -Keep your sharpening steel in a hidden spot so it doesn’t get misplaced -Clean and oil your knives regularly

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