Smart Tv

This post talks about the benefits of turning your smart tv into a home entertainment device. In short, it makes the tv smarter and safer.

What is smart technology?

Smart technology is a name given to a type of technology that allows devices to connect and share data wirelessly. This can be done through the internet, or a network such as Bluetooth. Devices that use smart technology include phones, tablets, computers, and TVs. Devices can communicate with each other through

Googles HomePods

1. Activate your smart TV with Google Home If you own a compatible smart TV and a Google Home, activating your TV with the assistant is simple. Just follow these steps: 1. Open the Google Home app and sign in. 2. If you dont have a Google Home yet, you can pre-order one from the Google Store or buy one from Amazon. 3. On your compatible smart TV, press the button or icon for Google Home and say, “Ok, show me my movies and tv shows.” 4. On the next screen, choose “Activate TV.” 5. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish activation. Now you’re ready to start using your Google Home to control your compatible smart TV! For example, you can say “Hey Google, turn on XYZ” to turn on your TV with that channel immediately.

Plugging your device in and Google Assistant

If you’re using a Chromecast, connecting the device is easy – just plug it into a USB port on your TV. Once connected, open the Google Home app and select “Chromecast.” You can now use voice commands to control your content – just say “OK Google, play ‘Saturday Night Live’.” If you don’t have a Chromecast, you can still watch your content by connecting your device to the TV via an HDMI cable.

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To watch your content with Google Assistant: 1) Open the Google Home app and sign in. 2) Under “Cast,” find and select your favorite shows or movies. 3) Tap on the show or movie’s Cast button (either in the main menu or on the screen while watching). 4) When prompted, say “OK Google” followed by the name of the show or movie. For example, to watch “Saturday Night Live” say “OK Google, play Saturday Night Live.”

Setting up the appropriate privacy settings on Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a great assistant and can help you with many tasks. However, it can also track your location and other information if you don’t set the appropriate privacy settings. Here are instructions on how to set up the appropriate privacy settings on Google Assistant: 1. Open Google Assistant on your smart TV. 2. Tap the hamburger Menu (three lines in a triangle, top right corner of the screen) and select Settings. 3. Under “Locations & Privacy,” select Trustedinputs (if present). 4. Enable Allow all users to access my locations and For speech recognition, allow only companions who I trust from the list of Trusted Voice Partners. 5. Under “Accounts & Services,” tap Google Home App (or Ok Google) settings, then SETTINGS . 6. Select My Activity and enable Enable Location History and Histories will sync with Android devices . Click Save settings.


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