Insignia Smart Speaker Reset

Hi there, everyone. Here’s the tale of a typical consumer service experience in the era of smart speakers. Let me fill you in on what happened when I tried to swap my Indiegogo-powered Amazon echo for another 3rd party version of this virtual assistant.

Explain the device I’m about to suggest

The Insignia Smart Speaker is a small, voice-controlled device that is meant to be used as a secondary or tertiary speaker in your home. It has some neat features, but it can be a little temperamental with regards to its connection to the internet and other devices. We’re going to go over how to reset the Insignia Smart Speaker.

The principle of the smart speaker

When General Electric unveiled its much-anticipated Insignia smart speaker at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, it represented one of the first major entries into the burgeoning market for voice-activated home appliances. The Insignia is the brainchild of GE’s Jason Del Rey, who spent more than a decade working on the project before leaving to start his own company—and he wasn’t alone. Dozens of startup companies are now vying for a piece of this $30 billion pie, and it’s no wonder: Voice control is one of the most promising new frontiers in technology. But is voice control really all it’s cracked up to be? In recent months, there have been concerns raised about the privacy and security implications of such devices. Last week, for example, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University released a paper describing how they were able to hack into Amazon’s Echo devices simply by asking them to listen to audio recordings made in hotels and other public places. And just last month, Facebook acknowledged that hackers had used a vulnerability in its Messenger app to access millions of user accounts—including those of celebrities like Chelsea Handler and Ariana Grande.

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All these incidents underscore two important points: First, voice control is not risk

Problems with smart speakers

When you first get your smart speaker, it’s great! You can control everything in your house with the voice commands. But as time goes on, things start to weird out. Your smart speaker starts randomly turning off and not letting you access certain features. It might even just stop working altogether. There are a few reasons why your smart speaker might be acting up. Here are some of the most common problems and how to fix them. 1) Bad Connections: Make sure that all of the cords connecting your smart speaker to the wall and your phone are plugged in properly. If everything looks good and still isn’t working, try unplugging some of the cords and plugging them back in. 2) Overcrowding: If there’s too many devices connected to your network or too many devices trying to share the same Wi-Fi connection, your smart speaker might start having problems. Try reducing the number of devices on your network or switch to a different Wi-Fi network. 3) Software Issues: If you notice anything wrong with the software on your smart speaker, like errors or strange behavior, try resetting it. Open the Settings

How does this device solve problems?

The Insignia Smart Speaker Reset uses a voice command to restore the speaker to its factory settings. This is helpful if you are having trouble connecting to the speaker or if the speaker is not working properly.

Positives about the Smart Speaker!

One of the best things about the Smart Speaker is that it’s always-on and voice activated. This means you can control your music, settings, and more with just your voice. Plus, if you lose your phone, you can still control your Smart Speaker!

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We also love that the Smart Speaker has an SD card so you can add your own personal soundtracks and voices. And because it’s always-on, there’s never a need to worry about batteries running low – simply charge it up overnight when you wake up.


If you’re experiencing issues with your insignia smart speaker, resetting it might help to restore functionality. Follow these steps to reset your insignia: 1. Plug the power into your smart speaker and wait a few minutes for it to wake up. 2. Once it’s awake, open the app and go to Home > Settings > General > Reset my Speaker. 3. Confirm that you want to reset your speaker, and then press Reset button.