Im2calories Smart Kitchen Summit

Break into the kitchen with this podcast episode on why we want to start leaving our kitchens for good!


The Im2Calories Summit is the world’s first event focused on helping people lose weight and improve their health by being more mindful about their food choices. Held on November 14-15 in San Diego, CA, this three-day event will feature keynote presentations from top health and fitness experts as well as interactive workshops led by top calorie counters and nutrition experts. “,”url”:”/events/im2calories-smart-kitchen-summit/”,”target”:”_self”},{“id”:”336″,”title”:”10 Best Foods to Help You Lose Weight”,”url”:”/topics/weight_loss/topics/10-best-foods-to-help-you-lose-weight”,”target”:”_self”},{“id”:”332″,”title”:”How to Eat Healthy for Under $10 A Day”,”url”:”/nutritionist/tips__tricks/how-to-eat-healthy-for-under-$10-a-day”,”target”:”_self”},{“id”:”331″,”title”:”5 Ways To Reduce Your Food Cravings For Life “,”url”:”/articles__videos/5-ways-to-reduce-your-food-cravings–forlife “,”target”:” The Im2Calories Summit is a two-day event taking place on February 8-9, 2019 at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. The purpose of the summit is to bring together leaders from the food and beverage industry, technology sector, and startups to discuss solutions that can help consumers manage their diet and Lose weight. This will be an unprecedented opportunity for both food and beverage companies and startups to share ideas with each other regarding how they can help people understand, track, store and use calories better. This summit will also showcase cutting-edge technologies that can make it easier for people to live healthier lives by helping them mindful eat, track their exercise and balanced meals.

Background • Why is food so hard? • The trend of artificial intelligence in and on food

• How to make the most of your kitchen with tech • Trends in food technology

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The goal of the Im2Calories smart kitchen summit was to bring together some of the top minds in the food industry to discuss all things related to weight loss and healthy eating. The summit featured presentations from notable companies such as Domino’s, Facebook, Google, and Nestle, as well as experts from universities like UC Berkeley and Cornell. In general, food is hard because it’s not just about calories. It’s also about nutrients and vitamins, antioxidants, fibers, and other chemicals that can impact our health in positive or negative ways. And adding artificial intelligence into the equation only makes matters harder by creating algorithms that are ever-more-sensitive to our individual eating habits. Despite these challenges however, there are already a number of innovative technologies being developed that can help us make healthier choices when it comes to food. For example, AI could be used to recommend healthy recipes based on our current diet and activity level. Or it could be used to automatically count calories andtrack our progress over time. And there are plenty of other possibilities too—from automatically sorting produce for us in the grocery store


At the end of our summit, we had some interesting and enlightening conversations about how to make a healthy kitchen. Some of the key takeaways include: -Everyone’s calorie needs are different. Just because you’re on a 1800 calorie diet doesn’t mean you should be eating 1800 calories at every meal. Find what works best for you. -Plan your meals ahead of time and stay organized. This will help you to stick to your diet and reduce the chances of making bad food choices.

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-Get creative with your ingredients and spices. There are so many possibilities to make healthy and flavorful meals without relying on processed foods. -Always wear a heart monitor when tracking your calories. This way, you can make sure that you’re staying within your calorie limit and preventing any weight gain or loss.