How To Set Up A Smart Samsung Tv

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How to set up smart samsung tv

Samsung TVs are amazing pieces of technology. Whether you’re new to the smart home scene or just want to make your TV more user-friendly, following these tips will help get you started.

What needs to be configured by default

To set up your Samsung Smart TV, there are a few things you’ll need to take care of by default. -First, make sure that the TV is connected to a Wi-Fi network and has an internet connection. -Once the TV is connected to the internet, open the Samsung Smart Hub on your phone or computer and sign in using your Samsung account. -Next, open the Smart TVs main menu (usually found under the app menu on the right side of the screen) and select System Settings. You’ll see an option called “Home Screen”. -Under “Home Screen”, select Add New Item. A new window will open with a list of apps that can be added to your TV’s home screen. Scroll down and find “TV Add-on Remote” and tap it to select it. -Now, under “Advanced Options”, make sure that the box next to “Enable Background App Refresh” is checked. This will allow apps on your home screen to automatically refresh when you change channels or toggle through other menus. -Finally, under “Exit Add New Item”, select Yes to add the TV Add-on Remote app to your TV’s home screen.

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You can go deeper into setting up your TV Shout

screen and voice recognition features by reading ourarticle. After connecting your SHOUT\u00ae+TV and navigating to [Your TV’s Name] > [Settings], you’ll find your Voice Remote Access and Screen Mirroring settings.

1. Under Voice Remote Access, select Use Screen Mirroring if you want to mirror what you’re viewing on your other SHOUT\u00ae+TV, or Just Cast if you want to send only the video content from your SHOUT\u00ae+TV to your other device.

2. Under Screen Mirroring, select If Room is Unlit: This will turn on screen mirroring even if there is insufficient light in the room.

3. To use voice recognition features, first make sure that SHOUT\u00ae+TV is activated.

4.under Settings > General > Language (or under Bluetooth & Other connected devices), make sure that English is selected as the language of your SHOUT\u00ae+TV.