How To Install Mobdro On Tcl Smart Tv

A guide on how to install and use Mobdro, an alternative to Netflix is a competing streaming service which doesn’t require you to actually pay.

What is mobdro and what does it do?

Mobdro is an app that Streams live and On-demand TV without commercials. Mobdro is available on Amazon Fire TV, Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Mobdro also has a website where you can watch live and On-demand TV without commercials. Since Mobdro is an app, you can install it on any device that has a web browser. For example, you can install mobdro on your computer, phone, or tablet. You can even install it on your smart TV if you have an internet connection. If you don’t have an internet connection, you can still watch mobdro by using a streaming service like Netflix or Sling TV. Once you have installed the mobdro app, open it and sign in with your account information. Then select the show or movie that you want to watch. The app will start playing right away without any ads. You can pause, rewind, and fast-forward the movie or show at any time. If you want to watch the entire show or movie, you can download the mobdro app for offline viewing later.

How to get it on your tv

Mobdro is an app that lets you watch streaming content on your TV. You can use it to watch anything from live tv channels to movies and even TV shows.

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To install Mobdro on your TV, you’ll need a device that supports TCL’s MediaPortal app and the Channels add-on. 1) First, download and install the MediaPortal app from Google Play or the App Store. 2) Next, add the Channels add-on from within MediaPortal (it’s in the “addons” section). 3) Finally, make sure that your TV is connected to the internet and open MediaPortal. On the left side of the app, under “My Channels”, you’ll see a box for “Mobdro”. Click it and follow the instructions to set up Mobdro. If everything goes smoothly, you should be watching streaming content from Mobdro within minutes!

Herramientas e incidencias

When installing Mobdro on a TCL smart TV, be sure to verify that your provider supports the app. This is typically done by performing a system update on your TV and checking for an update for Mobdro. If you do not see an update, it is likely your provider does not support the app. After verifying your TV supports the app, follow these steps to install it: 1. Go to the Google Play Store on your phone and search for Mobdro. 2. If there are any results, tap on one of them and then select Install. 3. On the next screen, enter your TV’s Wi-Fi password and then choose OK. 4. On the next screen, you will be asked to grant permission to access the camera and microphone on your TV. If you want to use those features, select Always Allow and then choose Next. 5. Next, you will be asked if you want to open Mobdro when it starts up. Choose Yes and then choose Next.

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6. On the final screen of installation, you will be prompted to add Mobdro as a default app on your TV. Tap Add and then


Mobdro is a free and open source app which allows you to watch Live TV, Video On Demand and recorded content from over 50 countries. It’s completely free and runs on most devices, including TCL Smart TVs. This guide will show you how to install Mobdro on your TCL Smart TV. Upon completion, you will be able to access the Mobdro app and start watching your favorite channels!