How To Connect Wireless Headphones To Vizio Smart Tv

When buying high-end technology, it often tags along high price tags with unnecessary items in the box – cables, manuals, and other items you will not use until you get online. What if we told you that wireless headphones are an unnecessary item to come in the box with your new tv? This blog post gives a simple tutorial on how to connect wireless headphones to your Vizio TV without having to purchase any of those accessories!


If you want to connect wireless headphones to your Vizio Smart TV, you first need to identify the type of headphones you have and how to connect them. Bluetooth headphones come in two main types: auxiliary and earbuds. Auxiliary headphones use a built-in cable that connects the headphone jack on your device to the headphone jack on the headphones. Earbuds usually connect directly to the audio output of your device, but some models include an included wire that can be connected to an audio input on your TV. Once you know the type of headphones you have and how to connect them, turn your Vizio Smart TV on and look for the Bluetooth settings. On most TVs, Bluetooth is found under Audio/Video Output, then select Bluetooth/Wireless Speaker Settings. Once in the Bluetooth settings, select Add New Device and search for your headphones’ name (for example “Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones”). Once found, select OK to pair your devices. If connection fails or is slow, try reconnecting each device separately before trying again together. You’re now ready to use your wireless headphones with your Vizio Smart TV!

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If you’re in the market for a wireless headphone solution, you’ll want to check out Vizio’s Smart TV lineup. The company has released a few new models that come equipped with built-in WiFi and bluetooth capabilities, making it easy to connect your headphones wirelessly. To start, make sure that your vizio television is compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. On newer TVs, this may be enabled by default. If your TV does not have these capabilities by default, you’ll need to install the appropriate app from Vizio or another manufacturer. Once your TV is set up and your headphones are connected, follow these steps to get started: 1. On your vizio TV, open the main menu and select “Settings.” 2. Under the “Network” header, click on “Wireless & Networks.” 3. In the “Wireless Networks” window, under “Bands,” select “Advanced Settings.” 4. Under “SSID:” select “Vizio.” 5. Enter your wifi password if needed and click on the green “Connect” button. 6. Next, under “Ethernet,” select “Bluetooth/wireless headphones.”

Using a wired connection

If you are using a wireless headphone with your Vizio TV, you can connect the wireless headphones to the TV using one of the following methods: 1. Connect the headphones’ audio output cable to the TV’s audio input. 2. Connect the headphones’ power cord to the TV’s power outlet. 3. Connect the TV’s HDMI cable to the headphones’ HDMI port.