How To Connect Cable Tv To Lg Smart Tv

If you have been waiting to hook up your cable tv to your new tv, but were concerned about getting it installed, don’t worry! Cable companies love breaking subscribers from their providers – there are often special deals that can be negotiated.

why connect cable to tv

If you want to watch your favorite shows and movies on your LG Smart TV, you’ll need to connect the TV to the cable box or satellite box. You can connect the cable box using an ordinary cable, or you can connect the LG Smart TV directly to the cable box or satellite box using a cable connector (also known as a HDMI connector). If you have a Samsung Smart TV, please see our article about connecting Samsung Smart TVs to cable boxes and satellite boxes.

which wire goes where

To connect cable TV to your LG Smart TV, the yellow RCA cables go into the TV and the white coaxial cable goes into the wall. The red HDMI cable goes into the LG Smart TV and the green USB power cord plugs into an outlet in your home.

do i need indoor or outdoor settings

It depends on the type of cable box and TV. To connect a cable box to an LG Smart TV, you need to set the TV to the correct input (indoor or outdoor) and make sure the LG Smart TV is powered on. For more information, please see our LG Smart TV Connections guide.

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how long should my cable length be

Assuming you are connecting your cable TV to your LG Smart TV, it is important that the cable length is appropriate. A good rule of thumb is that the cable should be at least as long as the distance between your TV and the coaxial port on your cable box.