Google Smart Speaker Commands

This article discusses the how to use new “slides” or commands in smartphones to control smart devices with your voice.

Introducing the google smart speaker

Google has released their latest product, the google smart speaker. With this product, you can control a number of tasks with your voice. This article will provide a list of the basic commands for the google smart speaker. To activate voice commands on your google smart speaker, just say “ok google” followed by your command. To access a list of all the commands available with your google smart speaker, just say “help” or “info”. You can also control your google smart speaker using the Google Assistant app on your phone. Just open the app, say “set time” and then set the time you want to wake up at. You can also ask the assistant to play music, set an alarm, read you a news article, and more!

Google voice commands for a google smart speaker

Google search has always been a powerful tool for finding information. With the recent release of Google Home, it’s now even easier to access the information you need right from your smart speaker. Here are a few Google voice commands that can be used with a google smart speaker: 1) “Hey Google, what’s the weather like today?” 2) “Hey Google, play music from my playlist”

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3) “Hey Google, flash the light on/off” 4) “Hey Google, set a timer for 5 minutes” 5) “Hey Google, show me my shopping list” Don’t miss these recommended smart home devices!

The top 10 commands for your google smart speaker

Google has come up with a host of new commands for their smart speakers, including asking to play music, read the news, set a timer, and more. Here are the top 10 commands you should know: 1) “Hey Google, what’s today’s weather like?” 2) “Hey Google, add eggs to my shopping list” 3) “Hey Google, let’s hear a lullaby” 4) “Hey Google, play music by Stevie Wonder” 5) “Hey Google, how many cups of coffee do I need today?” 6) “Hey Google, set a timer for 30 minutes” 7) “Hey Google, can you tell me the time in Beijing?” 8) “Hey Google, set an alert for 7 am tomorrow” 9) “Hey Google, how tall is Mount Everest?” 10) “Hey Google, open the door.”

How to put other commands in your google smart speaker

The Google Home smart speaker is a great way to control your home, but it doesn’t always have everything you need. Here are some other commands you can use with the Google Home. 1. “Hey Google, tell me a joke.” – Get a laugh with one of your favorite jokes. 2. “Hey Google, read my latest blog post.” – Get notified when a new blog post is published and read it without leaving your current screen. 3. “Hey Google, tell me what’s on my calendar for tomorrow.” – Get an overview of your upcoming appointments, sorted by time and date.

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4. “Hey Google, play some music from Spotify.” – Easily pause, play, or skip songs in Spotify without having to open the app.


Google has recently released a whole slew of new Voice Commands for the Google Home. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites here. 1. “Play music from my computer.” You can ask Google to play music from your computer by saying “Hey Google, play music from [computer name].” You can also use this command to control Playlists, Albums, and Songs on your computer. 2. “Set an alarm for 6 am.” You can set an alarm for 6 am by saying “Hey Google, set an alarm for 6 am.” This command will set an alarm for the morning and ask you to say ” confir me .” If you don’t want to be disturbed at 6am in the morning, you can disable the alarm by saying “Hey Google, disable alarm.”