Gokoco Robot Vacuum

Everyone knows that vacuums are a chore. There is always a part of the house, usually far away from the stairs, couch, or windows (the easy access areas), that needs to be vacuumed but never seems to get done–and then there’s the complete opposite–having to vacuum for three hours for your parents’ party on Saturday night and not making scrapes in any of those hard-to come by areas. All this means you spend more time cleaning than actually spending it doing what you want.


Gokoco robot vacuum cleaners are ideal for people with pets and small children. These units are very easy to use, and the bags can be easily replaced. This makes them a good choice for people who have a lot of dirt to clean up. The vacuum also has a bonus feature that it can be used as a dust mop.

How to use:

Gokoco Robotics vacuum cleaner is easy to use with its intuitive touchscreen interface. Here are the steps to follow: -Select the cleaning mode you want to use: Basic, Cleaner, Pet or Allergy. -Press the blue button on the top of the vacuum cleaner to start cleaning. -Rotate the vacuum cleaner around the room to cover all the surfaces. -Use the onboard tool to clean tough spots and crevices. -Press and hold the blue button to increase suction power. Release when done to decrease power. -When finished, press the green button to turn off the vacuum cleaner.

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Top tips for using the robot

There are a few key things to keep in mind when using the GoCo robot vacuum cleaner: -Always keep the floor and edges of furniture tidy before using the robot. This will reduce the amount of time the robot needs to search for dirt. -Be sure to fully charge the battery before you start cleaning. Having enough power will help your robot move more quickly over the floor. -If stairs or other narrow areas are part of your cleaning path, be sure to adjust the height of the robot’s sweeper accordingly.

Should I buy it?

Whether or not you should buy the Gokoco robot vacuum is up to you. Ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for in a robot vacuum cleaner. If you’re looking for an inexpensive option that does a basic job of cleaning your floors, the Gokoco might be perfect for you. It’s extremely affordable and can handle most surfaces. However, if cleaning your floors is important to you, be aware that the Gokoco isn’t the best choice. While it does a decent job, it doesn’t have all of the features and capabilities of more expensive models.