Smart Sensor Light

If you stay up late as a writer or communicate through smart devices while they’re in your pocket, you may have come across the challenge of trying to sleep at night when looking for a switch that suddenly stops turning on your lights. What is My Home Assistant? Smart sensors provide a wide range of … Read more

Smart Sensor Systems

The Smart Sensor Systems group is in charge of designing, testing and optimizing the sensors that are used in order to monitor pollutants. What is a smart sensor system? A smart sensor system refers to a type of embedded electronic device that utilizes sensors to collect data and communicate with a network. The sensors can … Read more

Smart Home Motion Sensors

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Temperature Sensor Smart

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Plant Smart Sensor

This is a plant sensor that can help people in the gardening world. With this device, gardening enthusiasts need only to visit their plants once or twice a month to measure whether there are any pests still present so that it may be appropriately dealt with. -What is a smart sensor? -How to make your … Read more

Smart Home Pressure Sensor

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Smart Building Sensors

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Smart Motion Sensors

A relatively new feature on smart phones there are now a whole range. Modern sensors takes the data collected from your phone, even in this case you can input motion and other sensitive things, to determine if anything might have happened as an alarm notification! Introducing smart motion sensors The ever-growing smartphone market offers more … Read more

Smart Home Temperature Sensor

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Across Smart Sensors

One day, all our house appliances will talk to each other and robot heads will be at the end of their cables watching in amazement as we open doors, turn on lights with our phones. Oh wait… Types of Sensors Smart sensors are devices that can be used to collect physical or behavioral data. They … Read more