Smart Home Sensors

This overview of smart home sensors explains the various types of sensors that are available today, their main functions, and how they are related to a smart home ecosystem. What are smart home sensors? Smart home sensors are devices that can be connected to your home’s electrical system and used to improve your comfort and … Read more

Smart Device Sensor

Are you worried that your children are spending too much time on their phone and could be missing out on other skills like creative writing and hobbies? Have no fear. Here at BriteBrite, our quality smart device sensors will ensure that your offspring spend their day creating incredible new works of art rather than texting … Read more

Smart Home Contact Sensors

When you search for “scary home security systems,” the website shows you websites with how-to guides and warnings, and when What does a contact sensor do? A contact sensor is a small device that detects the presence of people or objects. They are usually inserted into doors, windows, and cabinets to alerts people when they … Read more

Smart Sensors For Home

With the expectation of trends appearing in the market, manufacturers are hesitant to produce products that are not home assistants at this time, who knows if they will still be selling in two years? Introductions The smart home is coming, and it’s coming fast. We’re seeing more and more products that take advantage of sensors … Read more

Smart Sensor Light

If you stay up late as a writer or communicate through smart devices while they’re in your pocket, you may have come across the challenge of trying to sleep at night when looking for a switch that suddenly stops turning on your lights. What is My Home Assistant? Smart sensors provide a wide range of … Read more

Smart Sensor Systems

The Smart Sensor Systems group is in charge of designing, testing and optimizing the sensors that are used in order to monitor pollutants. What is a smart sensor system? A smart sensor system refers to a type of embedded electronic device that utilizes sensors to collect data and communicate with a network. The sensors can … Read more

Smart Sensors

The internet of things is taking the world by storm. Whether it be the 40 billion devices that smart sensors have been contributing to or just around the United States alone, these sensors will be changing how we work in the country and internationally. This article discusses how you can use smart sensors to track … Read more

Smart Home Sensor

This blog post provides some helpful information on how to assemble smart home sensors, along with some step-by-step guides. What is a Smart Home Sensor? A smart home sensor is a small device that monitors and logs events in your home. These sensors can be used to detect temperature, humidity, air quality, and motion. They … Read more

Smart Sensor

Who knows what you would do without a smart sensor. These devices can save your life from a fire or crack through a wall to give you peace of mind. But how are they made? This article takes you on the journey that lasts one week and examines what each day looks like during the … Read more

Smart Light Sensor

Just because you have a smart light doesn’t mean that you don’t want to know when your light is on. This article offers a solution for this problem – a smart light sensor! It doesn’t just have the perks of being able to control the lights in your home, it also gives you peace of … Read more