Bissell Ev675 Multi-surface Robotic Vacuum

The Bissell EV 675 is one of the best robotic vacuums available on the market with revolutionary technology to make it worth your time and money. With multi-surface technologies, this vacuum will not get stuck under any furniture or roughen flooring, which means it gets the right dirt where you want it. With a clean sweep of technology that everyone can enjoy, the Bissell EV 675 is thrilling to try out today.

Reasons to Buy

The Bissell Ev675 Multi-surface Robotic Vacuum is great for cleaning floors and carpets. It has a robotic arm that can move around the room, picking up pet hair and other debris. With its adjustable height and width, it can clean areas that are difficult to reach by hand. Plus, the vacuum has a crevice tool that helps to get into deep corners and under furniture.


The Bissell Ev675 Multi-Surface Robotic Vacuum is a great choice for allergy sufferers and pet owners. It features a pet hair sensor and an included Pet One tool that helps clean along edges and baseboards. The Ev675 also has a crevice tool, dustbin, and bumper brush to help with thorough cleaning in hard-to-reach places.

Additional Features

The Bissell Ev675 PowerForce robotic vacuum is a great choice for those who are looking for a versatile and powerful machine. Aside from being able to navigate around large areas, this vacuum also has some extra features that could come in handy, such as the dustbin capacity and pet feature. The dustbin capacity can hold up to 3.0L, which is a lot compared to some other models on the market. This allows you to clean larger areas more easily. Another great feature of the Bissell Ev675 PowerForce is its pet feature. This allows you to automatically move objects that are close to the edge of the path, such as furniture, so they don’t get mixed in with the dirt and debris. Overall, the Bissell Ev675 PowerForce robotic vacuum is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a versatile and powerful machine that can handle a lot of cleaning jobs.

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The Bissell Ev675 Multi-Surface robotic vacuum is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable, efficient cleaning solution. Its impressive list of features include: excellent suction power and coverage, easy navigation and 360-degree turning radius, and automatic docking for battery charging. Whether you have a large or small home, the Ev675 will be able to navigate its way around with ease; it also has a capacity of up to 75 pounds, so it can handle even the most challenging messes. Overall, the Bissell Ev675 is an incredibly powerful and versatile robot vacuum that will be sure to make your cleaning needs easier and more efficient.


Bissell Ev675 Multi-Surface Robotic Vacuum Review If you are looking for a robotic vacuum to do a variety of surfaces, the Bissell Ev675 is an excellent choice. With five dedicated sensors, it can navigate around furniture, tabletops, and even pet hair with ease. The bagless design means less mess and there is also an on-board tool that can be used for cleaning hard to reach areas. All in all, this robotic vacuum is great for

Price and Where to Buy

Bissell’s newest vacuum, the Ev675, is available in retail stores and online. The Ev675 is the perfect replacement for the Bissell Lift-Off Pet and Power Pets. With its powerful suction and multi-surface cleaning capabilities, it’s perfect for hardwood floors, carpets, rugs, upholstery and even pets! The Ev675 is a great value at just under $200! You can find the Ev675 in retail stores or online at many reputable retailers. Here are a few:

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Today we’re taking a look at the Bissell Ev675 multi-surface robotic vacuum. This device is an amazing addition to any home, and it can clean both tough and delicate surfaces alike. If you’re in need of a new robotic vacuum, be sure to check out the Bissell Ev675 – it’s definitely worth your time!