Bigtreetech Smart Filament Sensor With Tft35e3 Screen

From the company’s webpage, this device converts analogue data, such as wire speed or voltage, into digital information that can be displayed, while at the same time making data acquisition and transmission simple. It also has an option to switch between analogue and digital modes.

-What is the object of this blog? -What are uses for this object? -Why are smart textiles a growing trend? -How does the Big Tree Sensor work?

The object of this blog is to provide information on the Big Tree Sensor, a smart filament sensor with an easily read TFT35e3 screen. The uses for this object include monitoring things like temperature, humidity, and pressure; these are just a few examples of what the Big Tree Sensor can do. Smart textiles are becoming increasingly popular because they allow us to customize our clothes and accessories to fit our unique needs. One of the ways that the Big Tree Sensor works is by using sensors to detect environmental conditions. For example, if you want to monitor your temperature, the Big Tree Sensor can detect the surrounding temperature and relay that information back to you on the screen. If you want to monitor humidity levels, the Big Tree Sensor can do likewise. And if you want to monitor pressure levels, the Big Tree Sensor can do that too! All of this data is then comfortably displayed on the TFT35e3 screen.

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How long does the battery last

The bigtreetech smart filament sensor has a 3.5V battery that lasts up to 1 year.

What is the screen resolution and LED size?

The screen resolution is 1024 x 768. The LED size is 3.5 inches.

What happens if I have multiple sensors on one screen

If you have more than one TFT35e3 sensor connected to your bigtree tech smart filament sensor, each will be shown on its own screen.

Is it wireless

The Bigtreetech smart filament sensor with tft35e3 screen is wireless and can be controlled by a phone app. It prints very accurate without any calibration and can be used in a variety of 3D printing applications.

Does it have Bluetooth support?

Yes, the BigtreeTech Smart Filament Sensor has Bluetooth support. You can connect it to your phone or computer to view data and settings.

Would you like to buy with “something bigtree”?

We are happy to share that the “bigtreetech smart filament sensor with tft35e3 screen” is now available. This is a high-end filament sensor with a handy TFT35e3 screen. If you need to monitor your 3D printing process more closely, this is the perfect option for you.