B Hyve Smart Flood Sensor

Flood sensor detects when water is flowing into house and alerts owner.

Introduction of the b hyve smart flood sensor

The b hyve smart flood sensor is a device that uses the latest flood detection technology to provide homeowners and businesses with the ability to monitor flooding events. This device is equipped with a wireless sensor hub and an app that allows users to view real-time data on water levels and flooding conditions. Unlike other flood sensors, the b hyve smart flood sensor is also able to notify users when flooding is imminent, so they can take appropriate action. Besides monitoring flooding events, this device can be used to measure water levels in flooded areas to help officials with evacuation planning. It’s important for homeowners and businesses alike to have access to accurate flood detection technology in order to monitor current water levels and be prepared for potential flooding events. The b hyve smart flood sensor was designed with this goal in mind and offers valuable Flood Detection & Advisory services alongside its standard water level monitoring features. The device’s wireless sensor hub not only makes it easy to install but also makes it simple for users to connect and manage their data from anywhere in the world. Plus, the included app makes it easy for you to view your data in real-time and keep track of any changes that occur over time. If you’

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How does it work?

The BHYVE Smart Flood Sensor is a flood sensor that uses IoT technology to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi and send real-time data about flooding events to the BHYVE app. The sensor can be easily installed in any location in your home where water could potentially flood, such as in a basement, crawlspace, attic, or door jam. Once installed, the sensor will periodically send data to the app about: · Water levels in different parts of your home · If a flood has occurred · What caused the flood (for example, if you opened a flood door) · If a rescuer is needed The app will also show current water levels for each part of your home, alert you if flooding is predicted and provide directions on how to get to safety.

Trouble shooting for the b hyve smart flood sensor

If you are experiencing a problem with your b hyve smart flood sensor, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. First, check to see if the sensor is receiving power. If it isn’t, try plugging it into an outlet and rebooting your home automation system. If that fails, try resetting the sensors by entering the following code into your controller: flush_all(); If that still doesn’t solve the issue, you may need to replace your flood sensor.


If you’re looking for a smart flood sensor that’s easy to use, reliable, and affordable, the b hyve is your perfect choice. With its advanced features and simple installation process, the b hyve is perfect for any homeowner or business owner who wants to safeguard their property from flooding. So why wait? Check out our selection of b hyve flood sensors today!

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