Avgo Smart Speaker With Alexa

If you’re considering a new way to stream music or podcast, and you’re an avid Spotify user that’s tired of your screen grabbing in the background, then this offers everything you need. Featuring speaker resoning and LED display, it’s easy to use, incredibly compact, and attractive at a cost of only $129.

What is an Aysl speaker?

The Aysl smart speaker is a funky little device that connects to your wifi and allows you to control your smart home with voice commands. It has Alexa built in and can be controlled using anything that works with Amazon’s Voice Service, like the Amazon Echo or Fire TV. You can also control it through the Aysl app.

Aims of the Aysl Speaker

The Aysl smart speaker is perfect for anyone who loves to entertain and has a lot of activities they want to keep track of. With its Alexa capabilities, it can do everything from turning lights on and off, to setting alarms and adding items to your shopping list. The Aysl can work with any Echo device, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. And because the Aysl doesn’t have a lot of features compared to other smart speakers on the market, you can save money by not buying the Echo add-on kit.

Smart Home and Broadcasting System

The Amazon Echo smart speaker continues to grow in popularity by integrating with various services, one of which is the Alexa voice assistant. With Alexa, users can control a variety of devices in their home using just their voice. Additionally, the avgo smart speaker can be used as a broadcasting system for Smart Home devices.

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Alexa AI The intelligence behind the avgo story

Avgo is a family-owned company born from the determined commitment of entrepreneurs, engineers and designers. From the beginning, they set out to design a smart speaker with cutting-edge Alexa AI. Avgo is designed to become your personal assistant in every room, making it easier to get things done and helping you stay connected. What sets avgo apart from other smart speakers is its powerful sound, 360-degree omni-directional microphone and large 4″ display. These features make it perfect for streaming music or audiobooks, checking the weather, setting alarms, controlling your home automation devices and more. With Alexa built in, you can do everything from ordering food to making calls without ever having to leave the comfort of your couch. Whether you’re new to Alexa or just want an easy way to manage your everyday tasks, don’t miss out on avgo – your best bet for a smart speaker with Alexa AI.