Amazon’s Smart Speaker Crossword

Amazon added two new features to Alexa this week: crossword puzzles and electronic bookmaker. These new features allow Alexa, the Amazon Echo assistant, to easily solve crosswords by following the clues given while listening to music. This article gives a breakdown of how it works!

How smart speakers work

If you’ve ever used an Amazon Echo or Google Home, you know they can do a lot – like control your lights, play music, and answer questions. But what’s actually going on behind the scenes? In this post, we’ll explore how these smart speakers work and how you can use them to get things done.

Where can I purchase a smart speaker?

The Amazon Echo is one of the most popular smart speakers on the market. It can be found for a price of around $100 at most stores. The other names in this category are Google Home and Apple’s HomePod.

Benefits of owning a smart speaker

Amazon’s Echo and Google Home are the two dominant smart speakers on the market. They both have their benefits, but which is right for you? In this article, we will discuss some of the pros and cons of owning either an Amazon Echo or a Google Home.


I found this Amazon’s Smart Speaker Crossword while looking for an interesting way to use my new Echo Dot. I hadn’t played this type of crossword before, but it was fun and challenging. I liked that there were so many different clues, which kept me guessing until the very end. If you’re thinking about buying an Echo Dot or are already using one in your home, I recommend trying this Amazon’s Smart Speaker Crossword.

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